Thursday, 18 February 2016

Has your webservice code stopped working after ColdFusion10 because of Axis2 ?

In past few years I have seen many people struggling with their working webservice code which broke in ColdFusion10 onwards. Code works till CF9 but stops working since CF10 and they get errors like ServiceInvocationExcption or Axis2 AxisFault.

This happens because ColdFusion 9 introduced Axis2(Axis is the internal engine used in CF for SOAP based services) for their webservices. Axis1(the older version) is still available but is not the default one. This means that your existing code will now use axis2 engine by default. For most of the customers(I can assume 95%+) it works and performs better than previous versions but for some unfortunate of them it broke.

Here is what you need to make it work again.
As a fallback CF provided a way to use axis1. When you create a webservice object, you have to pass one extra parameter in arguments called wsversion=1

Older Code

New Code
Note:the refreshWSDL should not be used in production, this is only used to clear the cache and should remove it after you test it in development, otherwise everytime a new stub will be generated in production reducing the performance

You can read my previous article here to understand probable issues you are facing with axis2 version.


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