Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tutorial on RESTful services in ColdFusion

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Tutorial on REST: Introduction

Much awaited ColdFusion10(Zeus) is out with many new, interesting and challenging features. And REST is one of them. So all the developers out there who wants to switch to REST services from SOAP based web services, get your hands on ColdFusion10 Public Beta now and start with REST right away.

This tutorial is like a roller-coaster ride for REST services in ColdFusion10, which will quickly get you started with simple basics and easy examples and also it will cover all the complex techniques of this feature.

Tutorial on REST: Contents

For now to get you started here are initial few Parts, will be updating more with time.

  1. Part-I : Getting Started
  2. Part-II: Registering a REST application
  3. Part-III: First REST Resource(cfc)

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